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Do you guys like to have FUN? How about RAISING the roof because it’s on fire? How about sweet delicious balls getting pounded down your throat? What happens if you put them together..? You get FUNRAISING! Yeah, I’m missing the “D” but there’s going to be plenty of “D’s” or DANCERS, over at Tea Time! Why? Because @meccameelv will be at Tea Time today ready to dance for you for every new purchase of a drink, food item, or t-shirt from 11am-8pm! No? If not a dance, ask them to do the #Elliscombo trick for you and get ready to have the world get rocked right underneath you! Come and support our team out! You’re gonna have a good (tea) time! 😎 6 days ago / 0 notes
From 2012 to 2014! Off to our adventurous trip! #tbt #datmarizzybdaydoe 3 weeks ago / 0 notes
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And my favorite pic of the night. You should of seen all the stares we were getting when taking this pic. They were jelly! Hahaha don’t kaaare! #loveyaguys 1 month ago / 0 notes
Teehee! Gonna getchuuu! 😬👉 1 month ago / 0 notes
Polaroid picture with la famila espiritu santos! Lol 1 month ago / 0 notes
Chillin’ in #Polaroid with my bboy stance. #andywarhol #straightg 1 month ago / 1 notes
😂😂😂 this pic cracks me up! This is what happens when we aren’t invited to take a pic. 1 month ago / 0 notes
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