Hit me with that “feelin’ myself” pose. 😂 lol. 📷: @sketched_pics. Damn, need my iphoneographer living here already! #roshe #hyperfuse #nofilter #wdywy 8 hours ago / 0 notes
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I probably won’t win this give away either but why not give it a shot!? The koo kats from @sneakerfreakermag and @allikestore have partnered up to win the Mineral Teal Roshe Flyknit in your size! Go peep at their IG for instructions for entry. Contest ends soon! Good luck y’all! #allikesnkrfrkr US size 8! 1 day ago / 0 notes
Not waiting in line for Elsa and Ana? Take that GQ pose. 📷 : @sketched_pics. #ineedaiphone6 #havetoworkonmyarmsagain #butdemroshesdoe #roshe #flyknitroshe #fireberry 1 day ago / 0 notes
Ha I’m the only one not wearing anything disney related but I’m doing it for ‘Mercia! And I guess I’m not the only looks chinky when we smile. Lmao #caughtlenslippin 1 day ago / 1 notes
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HEY YOU! HEY YOU! Ever feel lazy to wash your dirty car? Ever wanted to feel like how it feels when zombies attack you in your car… while washing your car? Did you ever like those zombies in the Thriller video? Well, I tell you what?! I might not have all that but I do have non lazy people to wash your dirty car for you plus they dance too! And I do believe they are going to be zombified to clean your car! My team @meccameelv are doing this for you guys so they can go to California next month to perform their next spectacular set. Help my team out and send them out there! Any donations is appreciated. Now GO GO GO GO GET OUT and get a car wash! I do apologize on behalf of my team if any body parts are left in your car afterwards. 1 day ago / 0 notes
I highly doubt I’m going to win this but I’ll give it a shot! @teamroshe and @elevenstore partnered up to give you chance to win up to 3 pairs! For rules of entry go check out teamroshe’s IG. Good luck to all! #elevenxteamroshe 5 days ago / 0 notes
Never had the chance the to take home two trophies before. So allow me to just enjoy this moment. 😎🙌🏆🏆 #feelinmyself #datdrakeonrepeatdoe #bullswontoo #iwannawin #mcme 1 week ago / 0 notes
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